Brief Overview of Custom Software Development

A Brief Overview of Custom Software Development

If you’ve come up with a brilliant plan for improving your company’s operations by creating custom software but for that, you’ll need the services of the bespoke web development company. In the custom software design process, developers create unique programmes to meet specific needs identified in advance.

The primary goal of bespoke software is to fulfil specific user requirements more effectively with tailor-made solutions than with mass-produced, generic software. Designing, developing, releasing, and maintaining specialised software are all stages in the bespoke software development life cycle.

Let’s explore the foundation of Ficode’s bespoke software development process:

Our Process of Development of Custom Software

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We use agile methodology to develop custom software for our clients. Our team of web developers in the UK takes care of each phase and deliver the best on time. The iterative process yields deliverables after each phase. This is based on the stages of development, feedback, and iteration.

1 Customer idea

The first step is understanding the customer’s idea and vision. When preparing a software development strategy, it is essential to think about the primary function, features that will be included, cost, and timetable.

We need this to understand the feasibility of an idea and collect as much data as possible when planning the project scope and create a robust approach without adding additional costs.

2 Documentation

Our developers take care of making flow charts, SRS documentation, and product requirements documents. Several kinds of software documentation serve different purposes; some are written by our developers for reference, while others are meant to aid UX designers, QA analysts, and end users.

Effective documentation’s primary goal is to ensure that project stakeholders and developers are heading in the right direction to complete the project successfully.

As soon as the documentation is complete, our team will set to work on a plan to develop and implement the software efficiently and economically.

3 Check Technicalities

This is one of the most important stages of our custom software development process. Our developers analyze the requirements to find the best methods and tools for custom software. The technical stack is one such example of considerations taken into this stage. Because at this point in the process, the client’s software’s architecture is built, containing the framework for all required modules.

The main goal of this study is to determine whether the idea is economically and tech-stack feasible. We analyze the infrastructure, the team’s skills, the software used, and the interstitial technologies.

4 Design

During this stage, our team communicates the product’s business requirements to the technical teams responsible for the software’s architecture, design, and development of the technology stack, workflow diagrams, and database design. Custom software development calls for an individual strategy based on the customer’s needs.

5 Development

The “Front and back end” of software is where all the “magic” happens. The task is handled by our expert developers and takes place on the server side. It’s the programmatic backbone that controls everything from user access to data storage and retrieval in the development process.

To learn more, you can read our guide on choosing custom software web developers in the UK

6 Code review

Our code review is a structured analysis of a piece of code performed to find errors and improve code quality. To store code in the repository, we utilize GIT and Bitbucket. We follow a solid code review process which lays the groundwork for continual improvement and keeps buggy code from reaching end users.

7 Testing

Software testing ensures a program is error-free and reliable before it is released to the public. In-depth testing is performed by testers so that issues may be found and fixed. At this stage, we either employ user-experience monitoring tools or deploy the product to a select set of beta testers to see how they use it.

At this stage, all functional testing variations, including integration testing, unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and non-functional testing, are completed. Our quality analysts use a variety of testing frameworks and approach to look for errors in the system. Testers send problem reports to developers with test case details so that issues may be resolved. It aids in the creation of a bug-free software application.

8 Feedback

Once our QA team has tested the project, our developers work on fixing any issues that might have appeared during the testing phase. Our team ensures that all bugs and errors are resolved.

9 Customer validation and verification

In software development, validation is the process of making sure a product meets all of the criteria set forth for it. It’s a method to ensure the product we’re developing is correct or valid. This is the stage at which we establish whether or not the customer is satisfied with the application. Once we get a green signal from the client, we move to deployment.

10 Launch

Once all bugs have been fixed, and the product is ready for release, we are ready to launch the software. We deploy the software on a live server and conduct final testing, just like launching a product where users can easily access the software.

11 Support and maintenance

After launch, the next phase is maintenance. Repairs, updates, and bug patches are part of our custom software maintenance. Errors and problems discovered at this stage are dealt with by the development team. Customer problems are dealt with immediately or put aside to be methodically fixed.

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Whenever a customer or software user submits a support ticket, our support team is accessible around-the-clock to investigate it.


The hidden costs of transitioning to a new custom platform can be costly but can be mitigated. Return on investment and scalability can be achieved by following a methodical and regimented procedure for designing a custom software solution in the long term.

We at Ficode Technologies, a custom software development company in the UK, provide services to small and medium-sized businesses looking for better ways to connect with their customers and larger corporations that want to optimize their day-to-day processes.

Our team comprises talented software developers, project managers, and UX experts well-versed in the latest tech stack to deliver projects on time.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can be an asset to your business.

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