4 tips for successful implementation of IoT Development

4 tips for successful implementation of IoT Development

1. Outline your business goals

There must be a clear goal for building an IoT Development. The goal can be improving the customer experience, efficiency in the workplace, etc.

You have to analyze the complexity of the IoT application in the initial stages of development but if you find it hard, hire some expert IoT app developers in the UK who can guide you in understanding your business goals.

As a lot of cost and time goes into building IoT applications, careful analysis must be done at every stage to avoid any potential fallout in the future.

Therefore, start your IoT development at a small scale and improvise based on the feedback you get. The purpose is fulfilled when the business goals and the vision of building an IoT application aligns.

2. IoT hardware & platform

The sensor is a critical hardware part. Before considering IoT hardware platforms, outline your goals for the IoT device you’re designing. Consider factors like the performance specifications, the projected timeline, the anticipated number of prototypes, the use case, and the operating environment where your devices will be used.

Other hardware devices include cloud computing and actuators. Cloud computing is utilised to process, store, and manage data to provide easy access when required.

Using actuators can streamline operations and increase accuracy and efficiency for an organisation.

Cloud integration is often used to manage every aspect of an IoT network and its connected devices, including sending commands and gathering data. A robust IoT platform is needed for the long-term operation of connected devices.

You need to select IoT platforms based on the need of the project. For example, in the initial stages, you must focus on platforms that help you develop and implement a prototype.

Replacing the IoT platform is costly as the other software required for implementation must also be changed.

3.IoT Development prototyping

The prototyping stage is the period to experiment and test the feasibility of the idea. At this stage, it is easier to tackle errors in the system compared to the later stage, which can be expensive.

In the prototyping stage, the different elements of IoT, such as UI, hardware, software, and system connectivity, can be analysed.

It is better to start with the most challenging feature in the prototyping stage because it forces you to make complex decisions in the early production life of the product. Figuring out which technology to use to build the IoT product can be confusing.

Ficode has expert IoT developers who can help you choose the right technology for your application.

The feedback you get from the initial users can help you make the necessary changes to the application.

4. Improve IoT security

A research study carried out by a Dutch software firm Irdeto, claims that cyber-attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing a £ 1 billion loss to the UK economy. While implementing IoT applications in your company, it is crucial to improve security.

Whenever a large amount of data is sent to IoT devices, security becomes vulnerable to hackers. As a result, a comprehensive security assessment must be done to determine the possible vulnerabilities.

The data sent through the IoT-connected devices must be encrypted and compressed before sending off to the cloud.

You may still get a security breach even after investing a lot of money into protecting the network. For this reason, consider hiring hackers and security experts to prevent your network from attacks and safeguard the data.


IoT is a booming industry with a large and dynamic environment. Building IoT apps is a huge investment for businesses because IoT is the future.

Due to the complex nature of IoT, your company needs experts to help build an application from the ground level to the finished product.

Ficode, A leading IoT app development company based in the UK with vast years of experience in providing high-performance IT solutions.

Our team of expert IoT developers can help you improve business efficiency and create securely and smartly connecting devices.

Contact us to get one step closer to implementing IoT in your company.

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