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SEM or Search engine Marketing is not just a word, but a name of the whole process for bringing your new website at the top competitors in organic search results. We know there are various rivals around the world and it is a challenging job to rank on top of an already established website in the same niche. But, for boosting SEO results with tactic is not a bed of roses. You have to implement many search engine marketing techniques. There are many ways you can implement SEM techniques like some do by taking professional search engine marketing services and some do by hiring a PPC advertising company. You may find hundreds of search engine optimization companies, who just claim to be the best SEM company but actually not. Ficode is a one of the top SEM Company in the whole London, UK who provides top notch search engine marketing service in UK with proven track records. Ficode take care of your all marketing needs of your website. We are pioneer in helping customers find exactly what need. They have a best marketing team to execute best strategies and implementing latest SEM techniques. They understand what your business needs and how to increase your business reach to increase traffic and conversion with low bounce rate of your website.



Various search engines have developed their own algorithms/guidelines to monitor the myriad of websites and rank them according to the list of rules. Search engines regularly keep eyes on each websites to punish if they are not following their guidelines. So, it is most important to be on track and get maximum output from the efforts and money you are burning in your online marketing campaigns. Ficode SEM team has gained mastery in bringing website back to work from the sandbox and making the website fully search engine friendly according to those guidelines. This will harm your website. Same like various other algorithm like Panda and Penguin. But Ficode consultants have plenty of experience that can recover your website credibility that is affected by filters, manual actions and unnatural decrease in organic traffic result.

Don`t hesitate to talk with our most experienced and professionally expert team members, through available contact options. We guarantee top notch SEM marketing services all over the United Kingdom. So, Let us audit your website and fetch you out from the mess you facing due to search engine`s misbehave. Be Safe! Be Star!



We are living in a digital age and in this digital era just making a digital identity is not enough. It is very important to fight the trending competition and stand out among all. But, entering the competition is easy but sustaining is a little different. You need to take help from experts to tackle the situation and win the battle online. Ficode follows all possible methods to help you stand in the competition and win it. From small businesses to large enterprises, we help everyone. Here are some of the services that we offer to boost the ranking of your business and reach the top.

PPC Management

Being at the top of the competition is major need of every business and besides SEO, the other available option to beat already established rivals is PPC. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement plays an important role in the success stories of different brands and we make sure that it helps you.


Linking is the most important ranking factor. It is the integral part of online marketing suit. We create stomach link acquisition plans and put them into action. It is the strongest part of online campaign and thus we pay special attention to details. Both internal and external linkings are important.

Local SEO

If you want to focus just a particular geographical area then also we can help you. We understand the Online activities of your locally targeted area and take adequate measures to compete against all the competition. If you want to improve your popularity in a particular area, then also we can help.


We all know well that content is the king. It play very important role in boosting the ranking of your website. We make sure that the content that is going on your website has everything that a good SEM practice involves. Also, it is very important for a website to be loaded with content, in order to rank.



Ficode is one of the best SEM companies based UK. We aim at providing the best search engine marketing services to our clients using latest techniques. We follow all trending practices that help you stay at the top of all search engines. We make sure that your website is on the first page of Google and it never looses its grounds. Following are the practices that we follow to help.

  • Linking is the most important part of ranking and we make sure that it is done well.
  • As we know that content is the king, we ensure that relevant content is going on the website.
  • We are full service PPC management providers.
  • We also help with geographical areas.
  • Our team of expert is always updated with the new and trending practices.
  • We help boost ranking through social media platforms.
  • We also run social media campaigns, when necessary.
  • With our help, you can focus on your core business.
  • Our SEM team of experts have vast experience in the field.

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