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Think ecommerce, think opportunities. Opportunities that a great ecommerce website development company can create for you, irrespective of your current business size. Technology has brought such massive changes; nothing will remain the same. From gigantic multinationals to your typical grocery store round the corner, every single entity has been impacted. Technology has been a great enabler and an equalizer. And here’s why: monolithic, well-entrenched but slow-moving conglomerates are now facing competition from extremely small but agile teams on the business front. Being on the forefront of ecommerce website development UK, we not only fully comprehend the massive changes sweeping around the globe but also bring tons of actionable strategies to our customers. Retail ecommerce is booming like never before and you surely want to be a part of the action. Our ecommerce development services help you do that, no matter at what stage of the transformation you are – whether you are contemplating a new ecommerce website, planning to revamp an existing one, or thinking of improving one with great underutilized potential.

Specialized Ecommerce solutions


All businesses are unique. Each business must develop a unique strategy to grow. As a major ecommerce development company London, we have helped numerous businesses. We have developed a huge bandwidth over time and we can definitely help you succeed. From the smallest of tweaks to the most complex technology designs and implementations, we cover everything.

  • For some, ecommerce may be a channel of increasing importance. For others, it might be the only channel. We select, design and implement the right ecommerce solutions for each of these. That’s because the success – or failure – of ecommerce enterprises mostly boils down to ease of use.
  • As a prominent ecommerce development company London, our understanding ranges from digital catalogues to strategizing over wish lists, abandoned shopping carts and a lot more. Our actionable innovation promptly puts your business on the fast track. Our designs comprise feature-rich, user-friendly interface that attracts visitors and converts them to buyers.
  • With improved internet speeds and secured payment gateways, people from all parts of the world can be your potential customers. Your ecommerce website needs to provide a pleasant, smooth and secured experience. A website with great design and great graphics is trusted a lot more.

Ecommerce that works for you


The colossal changes in buyers’ preferences the world over have virtually dissolved geographical boundaries. The ease with which payments can be made and received across countries far apart has reduced the world to a single global village. And what better time for you to capitalize on all these than now? That’s where Ficode comes in. Our ecommerce development services London can provide you a single-window answer to all your needs. From great graphics and strong technology to SEO and integrations with secure payment gateways, we deliver thorough solutions.

High quality responsive website

To provide a uniform and consistent experience to users, your ecommerce website should be fully responsive. A design that responds to and adjusts with the user’s choice of platform, orientation, screen size, device and so on. We build flexible, responsive websites that ‘sense’ the user’s choices and provide an optimized experience.

Full-spectrum Marketing Support

Building a great ecommerce website with amazing graphics is only half the story – the other half is marketing. Our incisive understanding of digital marketing practices that includes SEO, PPC, Google AdWords and social media marketing is a class apart.  We ensure you remain prominently identifiable by search engines like Google and Bing.

User Interface that helps sell more

A great interface is the one that allows the user to complete a task in the easiest manner yet hooks her the user to stay on and keep browsing for more. Part marketing, part psychology, part technology, a great interface that helps you sell more keep selling more is a bit of all this. We use our expertise to keep the user riveted to your site – profitably.

Payment and Partner Integrations

Ease of purchasing brings users to your ecommerce site, but it’s the security of payment that accentuates their trust in you. We implement end-to-end security integrations to keep your users trusting you. Additionally, we put in place your partner/supplier integrations to make sure your website provides connectivity to your partners as well.

Creating great customer experiences


We fully understand the four core pillars of ecommerce: digital marketing that brings more visitors to your site, convenience of finding and comparing the right products that pleases visitors, safety of financial transactions that puts the customer at ease, and minimalist beauty that pleases without interfering. Your awesome products deserve to be sold in an environment that is at par. Everything that your customers feel on your website is a statement about you and your business. Since customers cannot touch and feel, their trust is built largely by the unspoken, implicit design elements of the website.

No matter what the quantum of the business, your ecommerce website should provide a delightful, error-free experience to your customer. Make your website-visit a safe and pleasant interaction, and you will have the most loyal customers. It’s been rightly said that ecommerce is not about creating the best offer, it is about creating the best experience. From abandoned shopping carts to loyal customers to pre-bookings, it’s your website that makes a huge difference. Build quick, build affordable, build effective is the mantra we fully abide by.

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